Site Overview

  • Reclaimed 300 Acres Site
  • Now Woodland, Pasture, Golf Course
  • Direct Access to Peaks District National Park
  • Direct Access to National Infrastructure (Utilities)
  • Currently Fully Undeveloped
  • Approved Planning Permissions for 1,200,000 ft2 (111,480m2) Mixed Use Development
  • 4-Star Hotel Accommodations, Apartments, Student Housing/Hostel Complex, Cottages
  • Energy Self-sufficient
  • 3,000 Car Parking Spaces



Development Phases

Phase 1

  • Hospitality
  • University Environment
  • Gateway to Peak District Recreation
  • Entertainment venues
  • Retail (physical and digital)


Phase 2

  • Sports medicine facility
  • On-site recreation (climbing wall, golf, water sports, gravity sports)
  • Woodland Cottages



  • Peak’s facilities arranged to ‘plug into’ an intelligent infrastructure
  • Buildings and facilities will trade with each other to maximize efficiency
  • Dedicated utility and energy center
  • Excess energy generated from renewable sources fed back into the National Grid
  • Activities and operation will generate commercial returns alongside creating social and environmental benefits, locally and nationally.
  • Integration with education opportunities through the on-site university partners



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